Estate Hautes Ribes

...An outstanding estate in an idyllic environment!

Domaine des Hautes Ribes

Once upon a time… the village of Cabris settled on a rocky promontory dominates an old olive grove in the heart of jasmine fields, a typical element of the hills of Grasse which gave its name to the perfume capital, known worldwide.

The sunny estate, built on a the south side of a mountain, nestles in a green setting, where century-old olive trees mix with various palm trees and flourishing and scented local plants.

A haven of peace where the only disturbing sound could be the cicadas' song.

The terraced hillside, which attests the hard work of past centuries farmers, have been restored in their original and authentic forms and host the houses, as well as the splendid gardens planted with trees. The sophisticated lighting reveals the outstanding living areas, leisure spaces and the wonderful variety of plants of the estate.

The estate is entirely fenced and features two electric gates secured with a digital code. A keeper is in charge of the security inside.

Large alleys, made of old-style cobblestones and offering easy access to people with restricted mobility, lead to private garages and parking equipped with lifts.

Each villa is rented on an individual basis, but you can ask to have the whole estate for yourself.

Note that the Estate Hautes Ribes is the only 5-star furnished tourism in the hinterland of Cannes.